About Us

ECO Medals are a UK based eco friendly medal and award manufacturer. We make and produce the wooden medals here in the UK.

Here at Eco Medals our aim is to help you give your race competitors or event participants the medal you want in a more sustainable and eco friendly way.

We use Sustainably sourced wood (FSC) Certified rather than metal for our medals and have different ribbon options avaialble some made from receyled plastic and others not depending on budget and requierments.

Our aim is to bring something a bit more unqiue to the medal sector, our wooden medals alone make them a bit different than the usual metal medals that are given out.

We don't require large moldings to make our medals either and we can easily create medals in any shape and size to suit your event needs.

Eco Medals is focussed at producing race and event medals in a mroe eco friendly and sustainable way.

We make our medals from more sustainable materials than the standard medal medals, we source FSC Certified wood from sustainable wood sources.

Every year tens of thousands of metal medals are wasted and although these can be recycled there is plenty that are not. Metal itself is a finite material (meaning that there is not an endless supply of it) so switching to using eco friendly medals means that that can help save some of the metal resources that are available in the world, every little bit helps.

We even have ribbon options that are available that use fully recycled material, the RPET ribbons use recycled plastic to make the ribbon.