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Eco Friendly Medals | Made In The UK

Buy your wooden medals for all your events here, custom designs and different options to help you stand out form the crowd and take a more eco friendly stance by having more sustainable medals with wood that is FSA certified.

We make all our wooden medals here in the UK!

Contact: or Fill out our Contact Form for a Free quote

Have an idea for an Event medal then please Contact Us for a Quote, we can help make your medal ideas into a reality in a more eco friendly way with our Wooden Medals.

We can help create your Eco Friendly Cycling medals, Triathlon medals, wooden running medals and a whole host of custom eco medals for whatever your event may be, sports events, school leavers, charity medals, let us know your ideas!

- Made in the UK
- Sustainable materials
- Quick lead times
- Great Prices & No set up fees 

We can make your wooden medals for any event you want such as Triathlon, running race, obstacle race, Cani-Cross or school sports day medals. Father Christmas and Santa Dash Medals

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We use sustainably sourced wood for our wooden medals

Plywood is often considered a sustainable source of timber for several reasons:Efficient use of wood resources: Plywood production uses nearly all parts of a tree, reducing waste. The log is peeled into thin veneers that are glued together under pres...

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Wooden Medals: The Perfect Blend of Sustainability and Recognition

In today's increasingly eco-conscious world, we're all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable practices. One area where this trend is making waves is in the realm of awards and recognition. The traditional metal and p...