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Eco Friendly Medal Ribbons

The ribbon on your medal can really add something extra to your whole medal look and feel, what we do is have a range of different ribbon options so you can choose what type you like and also if you have different budget restraints to help keep the medal cost down more.

Generally speaking the larger the number of medals being ordered the morewe are able to bring the cost of the ribbon down where possible.

Being a Eco Friendly Medal focussed site we have also sourced more Eco Friendly ribbon options to make these available too.

One eco Friendly ribbon option is using "recycled ribbon" which isn't just re-using old or spare ribbon but a ribbon that is made by using recycled plastic bottles.
There are different options for sustainable ribbons that are made by using sustainable yarns.
A recycled polysester yarn (PET) is one where plastic bottles that have been collecetd to be recycled are cleaned and broken down into very small pieces that are then melted and used to form the yarn that is then spun to make the ribbon.

What we do understand currently is that some eco-friendly ribbons can cost a tiny bit more (this will continues to drop) and so although our wooden medals are made from FSC and sustainable wood sources we give customers the option on the ribbons to choose badsed on their time-scale for how quick they need their custom medals or what works in with their budget the best.